Why East Coast Filtration?

As the premiere distributor of Lakos products in the state of Florida, East Coast Filtration has a proven record of providing businesses and individuals with top-of-the-line filtration systems. Altogether, our systems protect millions of dollars of equipment in industrial, government, and residential buildings. Our goal is to keep our fellow citizens safe by filtering out and then safely disposing of any harmful particles that may cause problems for you and your equipment.

Industrial & Commercial filtration systems

Be Proactive With East Coast Filtration

Filtering out harmful particles from the water and air of your home or place of business is not something that should wait. Our products remove detrimental bacteria and other potentially dangerous particles and dispose of them safely. This not only keeps you safe but saves you from difficult situations down the road.

By choosing our team of filtration experts and Lakos products, you are not only choosing to be proactive in keeping your home or office free of dangerous particles, but you are also saving yourself from the stress and inconvenience of requiring maintenance when you least expect it- and when it is least convenient for you. Our products are thoroughly tested and proven and have been installed in countless homes, government buildings, industrial buildings, and offices throughout the Sunshine State and beyond.

What’s in your system?


east coast filtration

East Coast Filtration: Your Local Dropship Filtration System Provider

As a dropship company, we are able to transport the filtration systems that you order directly from the manufacturing building to the front door of your home or place of business. Being a dropship company gives us the ability to bypass many of the delays in transportation that can occur, which is all the more critical when you’re dealing with filtration systems that remove harmful particles from your environment and help keep you safe. If you’re looking for the highest caliber filtration system to arrive at your doorstep as soon as possible, East Coast Filtration is here to serve you.

Unmatched Product Quality

Our strong business relationship with Lakos Filtration Solutions ensures that we are sending you only the finest filtration equipment available. Lakos has over fifty years of experience in the industry, and their products are known for improving the water quality, reducing the frequency with which maintenance of your products is required, and keeping your products in good shape longer. As the premiere distributor of Lakos products, East Coast Filtration will provide you with nothing short of proven, tested equipment that will handle your filtration needs.

What’s in Your System?

Is there something in your system that could cause you or those around you harm? Our team at East Coast Filtration is here to help detect, remove, and then dispose of them safely. No matter where you are or what you need, East Coast Filtration can find a solution for your system.