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East Coast Filtration is proud to be the premiere distributor of Lakos Filtration Solutions products, and some of the best filtration systems available. Browse our list of available products below!

Industrial Cooling Tower Filtration

Custom Cooling Tower Basin Cleaning System with a Multi Tower Switching Kit and SmartPurge.

South Florida Well Drilling Filtration

South Florida Well Drilling Filtration

Multiple Lakos Systems in Parallel

A Miami Water Treatment Plant using 5 Lakos JPX-1850 Stainless Steel ASME Separators with a filtration Capability of 17,000 GPM with the 5th N+1 System in Operation.


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Protect your Investment and Save Thousands in Energy Consumption Annually

Lakos Separators are the best way to prevent Scale Build up in your Chillers and/or Head Exchangers. Stop Shutting down your Towers, Punching Tubes and Cleaning Muck out of your Basins. Let Lakos do all of the work for you with a “Minimal Maintenance System”


Protect your Well Pumps with a Lakos Pump Protection System (PPS)

Not only can you keep sand filters from your water with a Lakos Separator, you can protect the ever important impellers from wear and tear from sand being pulled up from the well. Don’t abandon a perfectly good well due to sand, install a Lakos PPS System!!!



Maintaining Hydronic Efficiency in your System

Maintain the Design Efficiency of your Shell and Tube or Plate and Frame HT Systems with out the costly shutdown and cleaning you are currently performing.



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