About East Coast filtration

Founded in 2018, East Coast Filtration specializes in the filtration of process fluids, (water, diesel, rocket fuel, and cooking oil), municipal water, paint/powder coating overspray, and dust collection. Our filtration systems provide protection for millions of dollars worth of equipment, and our company has provided filtration systems for theme parks, Space Coast Government Contractors, municipalities, food, and beverage companies, and universities as well as general industrial manufacturing. We’ve been in the filtration industry for 25 years, and our top priority is to make the world around you safer- one filtration system at a time.

Lakos filtration systems

Industrial & Commercial filtration systems

Proud To Work With Lakos Filtration Solutions

Lakos Filtration Solutions has provided filtration systems for homes and businesses for over half a century. Through the years, Lakos has become known for equipping its clients with some of the best filtration systems available. Their products are adept at fixing various industrial manufacturing, HVAC, water, food processing, and municipal filtration issues across the planet. In particular, Lakos products have been successful at improving water quality, decreasing the frequency of filter changes and maintenance, and maintaining equipment over long periods of time.

East Coast Filtration is proud to have formed a strong business partnership with Lakos, and today is the top distributor of Lakos products.

Meet Our CEO, Jerry Hartley

To Jerry Hartley, nothing compares to the beauty of his home state of Florida. Prior to launching East Coast Filtration, Jerry had worked for a filtration company in Atlanta, but he’d always longed to return home. The green palm tree leaves, the crisp, golden sun, the white-beige sand, and the turquoise waters of Florida were too tantalizing for him to pass up.

With extensive backgrounds in the HVAC and filtration industries, he launched East Coast Filtration in 2018 with the goal of providing the highest-quality filtration systems for his fellow citizens. He quickly formed a strong working relationship with Lakos Filtration Solutions, and over time, has become the premiere distributor of Lakos’s many filtration products.

When he’s not hard at work providing top-notch filtration systems for individuals and businesses, Jerry can be found enjoying the beautiful beaches of southwest Florida or cheering on his Florida Gators.

Professional Caliber, Personalized Service

Working with East Coast Filtration guarantees you a high level of professionalism and results. We are the premiere distributor of Lakos Filtration Solutions, which provides some of the most reliable filtration systems available. Additionally, as a dropship company, we’re able to get the products you order straight to your door quickly and efficiently.

But professionalism is no substitute for personalized service. We understand that each client is different, with different needs, and we are always happy to work with you one on one. There’s no call center or wait time involved when you work with East Coast Filtration; our team will work directly with you to find the solution that works for your situation.

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