Maintaining a fully functional irrigation system is crucial in order to achieve a number of vittal purposes: chief among them, agricultural efficiency and water conservation.

One of the key challenges that irrigation systems face is the presence of troublesome particle matter that can diminish performance and lead to costly repairs. Fortunately, there are advanced filtration solutions available to protect your irrigation systems and ensure smooth operations. Lakos Fiiltration Solutions stands out as a provider of top-notch filtration systems designed to combat various types of particle matter effectively.

LAKOS Sand Separators

When dealing with sand and settleable particle matter, LAKOS offers a range of Sand Separators including the ILB, ILS, LGS Series, and Self-Cleaning Screen Filters. These separators utilize centrifugal action to effectively remove sand without the need for screens or filter elements that require frequent cleaning or replacement. Not only do they deliver high-performance filtration, but they also maintain low and steady pressure loss, ensuring optimal flow rates. Additionally, these systems can be easily automated for maintenance-free operation, saving you time and effort in the long run.

LAKOS Pump Protection Separators

To safeguard water well pumps from excessive abrasive sand wear and energy loss, LAKOS Pump Protection Separators (PPS Series) offer exclusive technology that can extend the life of your pump by up to four times or more. By effectively removing abrasive particles before they reach the pump, these separators help maintain pump efficiency and reduce the risk of damage. Watching their animated video can give you a clearer understanding of how these innovative systems work to protect your pump investment.

LAKOS Self-Cleaning Screen Filters

Dealing with algae and organic matter in your irrigation system? LAKOS Self-Cleaning Screen Filters are designed to address these challenges with a unique underdrain design that maximizes filter performance while minimizing pressure loss—an industry best. These filters offer longer operating cycles and require less frequent backwashing, resulting in significant savings on water and energy costs over time.

LAKOS PC Self-Cleaning Intake Screens

For keeping unwanted debris out of open water pump intakes, LAKOS PC Self-Cleaning Intake Screens provide continuous cleaning and protection to ensure a longer pump life. Constructed with a durable fiberglass frame and stainless steel screen, these screens are built to withstand harsh conditions. The exclusive easy-to-service bushing design allows for less frequent, low-cost repairs, making maintenance hassle-free.

Improve Your Irrigation System

By incorporating Lakos filtration systems into your irrigation setup, you can effectively safeguard your equipment from the damaging effects of particle matter. From sand separators to pump protection solutions, Lakos offers a comprehensive range of products designed to enhance the performance and longevity of your irrigation system. Investing in a quality filtration system is not just about protecting your equipment—it’s also about ensuring efficient water usage and sustainable agricultural practices. Take proactive steps to defend your irrigation systems against troublesome particle matter and reap the benefits of reliable, uninterrupted operation for years to come.

What’s In Your Irrigation System?

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